One of Murphy&Nye®'s history-making garments, the Waikato, in its composite evolution with the revolutionary Graphene™ fabric, consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms that give the garment exceptional technical characteristics. Discover it now!

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Size 1-Length 2-Shoulder width 3-Sleeve length 4-Bottom width
S 65,5 45 66 51
M 67 46 67 53
L 68,5 47,5 68 57
L/XL 71 48,8 69 57,5
XL 72 50 70 60
XXL 73,3 51,4 71,6 62,5
BIG 74,2 52,7 73,2 65
Size 1-Length 2-Shoulder width 3-Sleeve length 4-Bottom width
S 25,8 17,7 26,0 20,1
M 26,4 18,1 26,4 20,9
L 27,0 18,7 26,8 22,4
L/XL 28,0 19,2 27,2 22,6
XL 28,3 19,7 27,6 23,6
XXL 28,9 20,2 28,2 24,6
BIG 29,2 20,7 28,8 25,6
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The Waikato Jacket is Murphy&Nye® timeless bomber jacket. This Men’s winter jacket has always been a symbol of the brand's versatility and authenticity. Revamped in this version through the use of Graphene™, a mixed nylon, polyester and polyurethane yarn with graphene application, which is absolutely waterproof and breathable. Graphene is a single-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Thanks to its physical characteristics, it has a set of astonishing properties which repeatedly earn it the title "wonder material." Graphene application improves the technical properties of traditional fabrics, without changing their natural structure, adding exceptional features: Thermoregulation, keeping the basal body temperature stable; Anti-static, causing the dispersion of electrical charges and preventing them from accumulating on the surface; Anti-Odor, being free of acute and chronic toxicity. This Men's Jacket is truly the garment to have in your wardrobe for all occasions and all seasons. The seams are ultrasonically heat-taped. There is an internal rubber baring on the bottom made to prevents the garment from riding up with body movements. Windproof cuffs are adjustable by velcro. Double-slider front zipper. Equipped with two roomy outside pockets and one inside cell phone pocket. Heat-applied Murphy&Nye® Crew patch logo on chest and reflex logo lettering on back. Wait no longer, buy now one of the most revolutionary garments on the market.



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